Thursday, December 20, 2018

Angels and Shepherds

Angels and Shepherds 2 © 2018 Virginia Wieringa,

Angels and Shepherds 3 © 2018 Virginia Wieringa,

Angels and Shepherds 4 © 2018 Virginia Wieringa,
This year I revisited the theme of the Angels appearing to the Shepherds. These are the results. How wonderful to contemplate that pivotal moment in history. There isn't a Star described in Luke, but over the years the star has become linked with this occasion. Matthew tells of the Magi and the Star, but not the Angels and Shepherds. The salvation story is a mystery.

Advent Starry Night 7

Advent Starry Night 7 © 2018 Virginia Wieringa,

Another version of the visitation of the Wise Men, this one in watercolor and acrylic.