Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I just sent this out to people who have signed up on my website for email updates:

Hello and happy summer! I was reminded recently that I haven't sent out an update recently, so here it goes!

I just hung a show of my 16 pieces of my music related mixed media work at Hope Reformed Church on the corner of Burton and Kalamazoo. This show will be up until September and members of the public are welcome to go see the show during business hours (You may want to call first since the work is in a much used multipurpose room. (Of course, all the work is for sale!)

Two of my tissue collages were accepted into the 2011 Festival and will be part of the show at the Grand Rapids Art Museum until June 12.

I have two acrylic paintings in the Going Green show at the Lowell Area Arts Council from now until July 13.

I continue to work most Thursdays from 11-4 at Fire and Water ART! at 219 West Main in Lowell. I recently rehung my wall and included new acrylic landscapes. I'll attach a photo. Come visit!

I also have work at the Salt of the Earth Restaurant in Fennville, Mi. If you've never been there, you're missing out on a great dining experience! While you're there check out the painting on the red wall "Waiting for the Sun" and collages in each of the banos (restrooms).

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


VARIATIONS IN GREEN was created by combining plants I'd photographed at the Denver Botanical Gardens into a composition across three canvases. It was painted completely in variations of the color green. Alizarin crimson and Pthalo Green create an incredibly deep black green. Black and Yellow make the color in the backgrounds of canvas 1 +3. Shades and tints of green, adding purple to the green, using mixes of various blues with varieties of yellows produced many greens. Adding red to the greens made them brown. It was a fun experiment and the results will be in a show called Going Green at the Lowell Area Arts Council.


This is the first in a series of compositions based on aerial photos taken with my nephew in a small plane last fall.