Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Foot surgery

Tomorrow morning I will have 45 minutes of foot surgery which will require me to alter my life for six to eight weeks. If you're curious, Google 'hallux rigidus' and you'll find out about my issue. They will clean the arthritis out of my great toe joint and screw it together so that it will fuse. Less movement, but no more of the pain of bone on bone. This has been an ongoing issue for me for years. I've had cortisone shots every six months for a couple years, but now it's time to fix this! We have many accouterments of disability gathering in our house on loan from other people with recent experience in the medical pipeline. Then when we get through this, I'll decide when to schedule the left foot. Oh goody!!


Anonymous said...

Ew, ow! Looks like this may be a good time to start drawing again, or doing whatever sit-down work you can (or not, for a change!) I imagine that creating your stencil collages were not so easy on that sore toe. All the best to you with regard to recovery, Virginia.

Virginia Wieringa said...

I'm enjoying my time of snuggling in my chair with my foot elevated.After a week of elevating it, I just have to stay off that right foot- no weight bearing. I have a wonderful little knee walker and our spare bedroom is now a studio annex!