Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calvin Worship Symposium

This is the fourth year I'm privileged to participate in the Calvin Worship Symposium. It's always a very rich weekend. Even though I'll be on my little cart, I think I can do this! The theme this year is Parables and it's a visually rich topic. The Calvin Center Art Gallery ( is featuring an amazing collection of works on the theme of the Prodigal Son collected by Larry Gerbens and his wife. It's got everything on the theme from Rembrandt to contemporary abstraction.

I'm going fully armed with pencils and a large sketchbook so that could lead to some interesting work.


Anonymous said...

Virginia - I love your latest work with leaves. Very nice.

I can't be at Symposium this year, but I have been praying for you.

Virginia Wieringa said...

Thanks, Eric! Yesterday was wonderful but physically draining. I'm sore in places I forgot I had! My 'little pony' is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't like snow. I should fit it with a snowplow! Seriously, it has been fascinating to experience this as a temporarily disabled person. I praise God for whoever invented that cart. I couldn't have done much if I was relying on crutches!