Thursday, February 22, 2007


This is the first of the 2007 versions of the last post. I worked on 6 pieces at once, so 'first' is rather arbitrary. I see this one the most introspective. A fellow artist named Justin said my work has 'a faint storyline and open meanings'. I like that. All of the shapes here have meanings to me, but anyone can read into them whatever it says to them.

I see the triangle as a Trinity symbol, the labyrinth as a symbol for the spiritual path, the rainbow as a reminder of God's love and covenant, the shrouded figure might be me or you or whoever is approaching God, the puzzle piece stands for the mystery, the black and white squares are darkness and light as well as the open tomb. The Celtic cross is a nod to the history of the church. The pieces that look like quilt squares remind me of the way our lives are stitched together.

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