Sunday, February 11, 2007



Oh LORD, my GOD~
Do you see my life?

Are you sure this is how
it’s supposed to be?

It seems like a tangled mess.

How will all these hours,

days, weeks, years
work together for good?

Guide me to where you want me to be.

How can my feeble efforts
bring glory to you?

Bless me LORD in the weaving of my life,

be in the knots that I tie
in the complicated patterns
of connections around me.

I’m stitched into relationships.

Do they all make sense to you?
Use me to bless the lives of others
though I may know nothing
how that may come about.
Tie me into your love.

I trust in you and your vision for my life,

Even though I can’t see you
understand the way you are leading me.

I trust that you are leading me.

Thank you, LORD.

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