Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This icon of the Hodegetria or she who shows the way, joins the Virgin of the Sign which I did in a workshop with Diane Hamel in November (see November posts in this blog to see the steps of the process). This icon was done entirely on my own following the directions I wrote down and photos I took during the last workshop. It was a nerve wracking but contemplative process.


Anonymous said...

Icons are very beautiful and should be used for contemplation when traveling and in need of some peace. Your icon is especially lovely and I appreciate seeing it. Will you be doing more?

Veedubya said...

Thanks for the comment, Aurore. I don't know if I'll do another icon, but I would have never imagined doing the 3 that I've done! The fastidious layering is not my usual style as you can tell from the rest of my blog, but it is a very contemplative process and this one is very soothing.