Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I thought this drawing from long ago would fit with this lovely poem I found in a magazine. This is a romanticized version of what the wash in Arizona looked like when we walked there years ago.

This is the
that God holds out to us
in this season:
to carry the light,
but also to see in the dark
and to find shapes
of things in the shadows.
~ Jan L. Richardson


Anonymous said...

The image does fit the writing beautifully - I think they're lovely together.
I love the piece for President Ford too. As a Kiwi we used to be distanced from your politics to some degree but he always struck me as having great moral integrity.

Anonymous said...

To carry the light, see in the darkness and find shapes in the darkenss. I'm so glad I came across your blog today. It is an encouragement to me as I have had a major interruption in my artwork--I wonder if/when I'll get back to it?
Dorothy Gager

Veedubya said...

Dorothy- YES! You can find your way back to art if that's where you want to be- be patient with yourself! Start small- don't do something to make a product- do something to enjoy the process. Enjoy some color or shape or line just for it's own sake. On my blog homepage is a link to C. Robin Janning's work. She does lovely abstractions that reflect the joy of the pure elements and principles of art. You just have to play through the discouragement. Have you read THE ARTISTS WAY by Julia Cameron or ART AND FEAR by Bayles and Orland? Good encouraging stuff. Blessings on your journey.