Thursday, June 15, 2006


I was able to go to the Franciscan Life Process Center yesterday for a day of plein air painting and guess what was in bloom! I guess I'm NOT done with poppies! I took some cool photos too!

These are a little dark. Gotta figure out how to get more accurate colors in full sun!! And the acrylic paint dries too quick. May have to transition to oils. It was a wonderful day to be outside and there were some wonderful artists out there also working. Great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the wind, the air are so palpable in these two pieces. Now I really want to get outside again and do some plein air painting or drawing. I like that you have left the textures and not overworked anything..especially those trees in the poppy scene! So very nicely done, Virginia. I'm sure the colors are much more vibrant too on the originals. I love the plein air work you're has lots life in it. More, more! Keep goin' girl!

Veedubya said...

Thanks, Nikki! ;-)