Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is an image I finished this week. When I was photographing it, I couldn't decide which way was up. I worked on it in all directions. I do think it's a horizontal. Any opinions? Any suggestion for the title?


Anonymous said...

Hi Virginia, the top image is my preference; the sense it gives me is the title that popped into my head, "√úrban Reflections". You oughta give your own title though I think, or you can purchase mine for $19.99. LOL, kidding, it's free of course but what do I know about all you were feeling and experiencing while painting this? The title, especially for abstracts, in my opinion is such an integral part of the piece, and I honestly think it should come from you. These recent paintings are full of fun...something all Artists need to return to once in a while.

Veedubya said...

Thanks for your insight, Nikki. I like that title. I'll start saving my money. Does that include tax? What's the exchange rate these days?

This new direction is very energizing.