Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This painting was also recently revisited, reworked and framed. I'll be hanging this at the Lowell Chamber of Commerce building at 113 Riverwalk Plaza (across from the showboat). The show will feature 10-13 of my acrylic paintings and my dancer photos. It runs June 15- September 5. The title is appropriate for this venue because 96 runs right past Lowell. This painting is 30"x40".

Lowell is a great little town! and the Chamber is just a short walk down the street from Fire and Water ART! at 219 West Main where I'm honored to be among 25 talented artists who have their work on display.


Anonymous said...

Hi V, soothing colors and gentle sweep of the early morning sky in this one. Most appealing is that you've captured the serenity of that time of day. It has me reminiscing about travel, which I love. Any more detailing would tighten the feeling up too much, so I hope it's finished?

Virginia Wieringa said...

Thanks, Nikki. Yep, it's done and hanging in a show.

Anonymous said...

OOps, I didn't pay attention to your writing - just the painting. That sky is captivating!