Thursday, January 03, 2008

St Mary's Health Care

My friend Mary Andersen and my wonderful husband Fred Conover helped me for 4 and a half hours yesterday hanging 21 pieces of my work in the lobby of St. Mary's Health Care on Jefferson in GR. The hanging system is a security locking system and quite complex. I'm glad I'm both left and right brained! The show looks good and unfortunately, we learned the hard way not to hang a large painting with a metal frame the way the directions said to hang it! This painting fell off the wall because the frame bowed as we were working on getting a piece onto the wall next to it. The glass broke and fortunately the descent of it was stopped by Mary who was standing right in front of it! (She wasn't hurt- but it prevented the piece from shattering on the floor!) I caught it. The painting wasn't damaged. My friend Deidre is replacing the glass with plexi and my left brain has figured out a way to hang the piece avoiding the edge! Other than that, the show looks good and we got many positive comments while hanging it. It's an honor to have work there and a few pieces are along the route of patients on gurneys on their way to surgery. I hope they are a blessing to them.


daisy said...

Good evening! I love this piece! It's so vibrant and alive and fresh. It's a perfect piece to have hanging in the hallway. I feel better looking at it already, and I'm not sick.

Nellie's Needles said...

How wonderful that your work is hanging where it may lift spirits in traumatic times.