Sunday, January 27, 2008

Calvin Worship Symposium

This year's Symposium was just as wonderful as the last two. Awesome worship and amazing presenters. Michael Card, Calvin Seerveld, Shelley Marinus and Dallas Willard were standouts.

In the visual arts, this year I met Jeanne Logan and Mako Fujimura (who are googlable and wonderful). Last year I met Linda Henke (who is very googlable and a wonderful artist) and she has become a friend and mentor. Steve Caton from Grand Haven is also an amazing resource.

I just couldn't say enough good things about my experience this weekend! It was an amazing spiritual experience that will enrich my life and work in the next year.

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Bez said...

If you liked Mako in Grand Rapids, you should consider coming to International Arts Movement's Encounter in NYC Feb 28-Mar 1! info: