Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is just finished. I'm entering a show at a local Franciscan retreat and the theme is "Beauty from Ashes". This painting 3' x4'. Not only does the theme fit the beauty that comes from God's plan of salvation into the ashes of our lives, but the materials are redeemed too! This is framed with an old frame that I once used for papermaking years ago. The board is covered with old canvas, much of the paint is leftover from a project at church. Talk about redemption! Saving the lost as well! I started with inks and I am attempting to adapt my new mixed media style to working on canvas. I think my nephew Karl would agree that this is numinous. And perfervid also! That's your vocabulary builder for the day!


Lindsay said...

Yes, numinious! Perfevid I have to look up in a bigger dictionary!
Lovely lovely work!!!

tarateve said...

Perfervid? Not a clue? Anyway, so when will this be arriving at my door? I have the perfect place for it..... Seriously this is beautiful and so meaningful. And not just from looking at it - I am so glad you shared where the materials came from, etc. too. This is really awesome!

Joyce said...

Not just numinous and perfervid but absolutely beautiful. Love all the colors. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and I'm sorry I just now found your blog. I like your gallery space and wish you all success.