Saturday, November 11, 2006

fire and water

This is the new gallery in Lowell, MI. Well, my friend Patti Sevensma did some photographic magic this afternoon and took some pictures of me painting at the work tables in the new space. So I'm replacing my terrible photos with hers! She's a gifted artist/photographer who is also a gallery participant. What a wonderful group of talented people! I'm working on one of the 6"x6" boxes and you can see my display on the wall in the bottom photo on the left side. Thanks, Patti!

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Anonymous said...

Ginny, we're really enjoying your latest work! The autumn landscapes and the Fransiscan inspirations are truly wonderful. We'd love to get out to Lowell for the gallery walk...possibly Saturday~if we can tear ourselves away. Best wishes for a ton of success out there!