Sunday, September 17, 2006


This piece didn't go to the gallery. It's hanging my living room. It really speaks to me. It reflects the density and complexity of life which really boggles my mind. Right now I call it seeking the truth, but it could also be which way is the truth? It purposely has no imagery from any faith. The symbols are the knots and the puzzle pieces and the transcendence of time indicated by the grids. What a tangled web this life is!

It was amazing to be among the people gathered yesterday for the interfaith dialogue conference: Art Meeting the Sacred at the Eyekons Gallery. There were remarkable speakers and it was an amazing gathering of spiritually minded people even though we all held different beliefs ~ all pursuing the truth as it's revealed to us through varying venues. My own path is Christianity, but I respect the faithful people who I met this weekend from a myriad of belief systems. Fascinating artists too. The walls were so deliberately designed with amazing work. It was a delight.

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Anonymous said...

This series has been fun to watch develop. The imagery keeps getting richer