Saturday, September 30, 2006


These are two versions of a view down a neighboring street. The first with the yellow tree was done in 2001- the orange tree was done over the top last year when I just wanted to loosen it up and see if I could make it stronger. Don't know if I achieved that but it was fun to do. Sorry the photos aren't better.


Lynette said...

Virginia both of these are wonderful works with such lovely trees. Yes I think you achieved what you wanted to because the second one just explodes with the wonderful colors of fall foilage, lovely!

Anonymous said...

I agree with lynclay, and will add that there is a noticable difference in the atmosphere and warmth in the one you did last year. More confidence too, V!

Martha Marshall said...

So nice to meet you, Virginia! I love what you're doing both with the landscapes and the abstract series. Thanks for being in touch!