Thursday, January 05, 2012


Having my painting ADVENT STARRY NIGHT 4 on the cover of Living with Christ (a meditation booklet from the Catholic Church) is creating a surge of visits to my blog! If that's what brought you here, welcome. You may also want to check out my website, especially the section of Advent imagery , spiritual imagery, and icons.


MamaEwe said...

Yes, Your work on the cover of Living with Christ brings me here:)a friend of mine, who continues to be a Voice in the wilderness, shared your Advent Starry Night w/me the Monday after Epiphany,knowing your images & colors would speak to my heart. I have been visiting your work ever since! Yes, your art does tell the story of the human condition & the journey to spiritual growth so well!!! Thank you!

Virginia Wieringa said...

How wonderful! It really pleases me that God uses my work to speak to others!