Wednesday, June 01, 2011


VARIATIONS IN GREEN was created by combining plants I'd photographed at the Denver Botanical Gardens into a composition across three canvases. It was painted completely in variations of the color green. Alizarin crimson and Pthalo Green create an incredibly deep black green. Black and Yellow make the color in the backgrounds of canvas 1 +3. Shades and tints of green, adding purple to the green, using mixes of various blues with varieties of yellows produced many greens. Adding red to the greens made them brown. It was a fun experiment and the results will be in a show called Going Green at the Lowell Area Arts Council.


Nikki said...

Very interesting composition, textures, and color study! I like seeing you stretch your wings into color exploration - it takes guts! "Vary" nice work, Virginia.

Virginia Wieringa said...

Very 'punny', Nikki. I love it!