Monday, April 26, 2010

what to post? what to name it?

This is a large piece that is done with palette knife and water soluble oils. I'm waiting for it to dry before I call it done. It may need some noodling. I should have a naming contest for it.

I should post something else, but I'm doing things that I can't show: framing things or rearranging things or ordering things. It all takes time. New work coming soon. I have couple of landscapes that are very close to finished and some abstracts looming!


Nikki said...

The colors grab me in this one, Virginia - earthy - and the composition is perfect. It looks like an aerial view too, is it? As for a name, how about "Needs Noodling #1"? Just kidding, actually I don't think it needs any more work.

Virginia Wieringa said...

It did wind up looking like an aerial view! I was just instinctively laying on paint. It's still not dry! Water soluble oils are not my media!

Yes, it's the start of a wonderful series! The Needs Noodling series!