Monday, May 18, 2009

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Two versions of another piece done in the workshop last week.


Kelly said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog (it's been some time. :)

I'm so happy you like the Virginia Cobb DVD. She really is fantastic and her approach is fascinating.

Another artist you might like is Mary Todd Beam. We did her DVD but I don't think it reflects the complexity of her style. It catches piece of it but not to the degree it could have. (It was one of our first. We were still learning :) But her gallery is neat!

Go to:
and look for "Mary Todd Beam's Gallery"

Her own personal website has some images as well but the CCP site has many more.

Thanks again for the nice comment! I love the work you're posting on your blog. I'll be back :)

Virginia Wieringa said...

Thanks, Kelly. This week I'm in a Paint-In at the Franciscan Center in Lowell with Linda Baker and Kathleen Conover. I've taken multiple classes with both. There are other artist friends and a guy named Mark Mehaffey who is doing some great stuff. I'll look at Mary Todd Beam. I've heard of her from many sources.

Kris D said...

I really like these! Can't wait to see you and Fred @ Tosebo this weekend!!!