Thursday, February 12, 2009


This piece was 'written' as a gift for the new Grand Rapids Catholic church of St Joseph the Worker. Daniel Nichols of Eighth day icons was kind enough to let me use the pattern he created. Icons traditionally begin with a traced image. Some iconographers create their own patterns. Even though it begins with the same pattern, each icon gets its own look.

Whatever the source, writing icons is a process of connecting to the mysteries of faith. Peter Pearson in his book A Brush with God wrote "whether we are aware of it or not, we dance with God." Contemplating the life of St. Joseph was a wonderful thing to do in the process of meditating during this process. What a complicated dance his life must have been!

I bought a ruling pen and have been experimenting with making straight, clean lines. This is the first time I've achieved success with that!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Virginia. I love the colors, the flower, and the square he's holding!

Virginia Wieringa said...

I love those elements too. I can't take credit for the design. Daniel Nichols really did a wonderful job with that. His original has the elegant and exquisite lines that real iconographers use. You can see his at Eighth Day Icons on line. I'm working on my own original design of an icon of St. Francis and using the cornflower blue background.