Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is the latest in the 'letter' series. It's also a salute to my favorite coffee place- Biggby's- get it? big B's.


BIGGBY BOB said...

B-utiful :)

Virginia Wieringa said...

X-cellent, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Hi Virginia! I saw this over at Biggby Bob's blog, and I just had to run over and say hi to you. This is a gorgeous piece! I love it.

Your other work is beautiful as well! I'm a sucker for typography and collages (and Biggby!) so this is my favorite that I've seen so far!

:) Kristen

Virginia Wieringa said...

I love this one too. If you type 'letters' in the search area for the blog, you'll find more in this series. I love the feeling of seeing things that the brain tries to make sense of, and yet it comes down to being shapes and lines that are visually pleasing but aren't 'saying anything'.