Saturday, August 16, 2008


This isn't a particularly good photo but you get the idea.

This icon is the product of a five day workshop at the Franciscan Center in Lowell. This is a meditative process, not an artistic one. There are layers and layers of paint and we all proceeded through the steps at the same time. It was a great group of people, lovely weather and a wonderful place to be.

Icons are done in semantic language- symbolic, not literal. This icon reflects Mary's status as the vessel that held the burning coal of God and was not consumed. The burning bush that Moses saw prefigured the Incarnation of Christ through Mary but it is an apt symbol and I think the image is a beautiful one. The week was full of prayer and reflection. Our teacher, Diane Hamel was patient and Spirit filled. It was a great week. She reminded us often to make each brush stroke a prayer. If I know you personally there's probably a brush stroke and prayer incorporated in this icon with your name attached. If you're just randomly reading this post- there's a prayer for you too, because I knew I would post it on this blog. Blessings on you.


C. Robin Janning said...

Oh Virginia!!

Lovely. This is something I'd like to do someday. Don't have the slightest idea of how to start. But oh, I do love this.


Virginia Wieringa said...

I think you would enjoy this process. It's totally proscribed though the results are different, we were all aiming for the same image. It's about meditation, not creativity. It was a spirit filled week and a great retreat.

Thanks, Robin.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Virginia Wieringa said...

So by the unicorn comment, are you expressing skepticism? Faith in anything is a mystery. Or do you really want a unicorn? I think I saw one at Toys R US.