Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new finished piece- LAYER UPON LAYER 1

This is the result of some painting experiments done over the last year or so. Layer upon layer.


Anonymous said...

I love the orbs and the rich blending of red and blue.

Virginia Wieringa said...

Thanks. I wonder who you are?!

larin said...

I really like the patterns and colors in these paintings. Are they experimental, or is this your normal style? Do they have much texture or did you use stencils? I'm working on creating my painting curriculum and will have the students play with some of these different techniques with their acylics.

Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Many of the Renaissance Madonnas are so pretty (not all, though!), especially Raphael and Botticelli, and that particular Magnificat painting is a favorite. It was one of the pieces my students drew last spring.

It's always nice to meet other artistic Christians, so I'll be stopping by again. Blessings to you! --LaRinda

Virginia Wieringa said...

Because I was once an art teacher, I have many styles- but you know all about that! Yes, these were experiments, done over a period of a year- layer on layer- mostly airbrushed with a mouth atomizer over stencils with ink and acrylic. The first layer is an acrylic non-objective painting. The dripping is really fun.