Sunday, February 24, 2008

AERIAL series

These are a few of the aerial series I've been working on for a while. They just got finished. There are a few more underway on my work table. The first 3 are 6 in square wrapped canvases, the next 3 are 12'' squares and the last is 18"x24". All of them are installed at Fire and Water on my newly painted wall- I spent yesterday changing my wall color from a light yellow to a warm 'pecan'. It really sets off the work. I'll have to photograph it next time I go. I worked from 12:30 until 7 and was too tired to tend to many nuances! But the labels are up.

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Anonymous said...

This aerial series is a winner, Virginia. You've left enough out for the imagination and the compositions edge on the abstract, a style combination you do well.