Monday, December 24, 2007

Deck the Halls

At this link, you can scroll down and see links to the holiday decorations of hundreds of bloggers! I got there thanks to my sister who is so good at the internet it's scary!

We've used this tree for 24 years. Except now we just use the top half. I love it. It goes into the basement (with the lights still wrapped around it). It gets covered with a sheet and sleeps until we haul it out again the next year. No, we're not a hot chocolate, wander the woods and slaughter some poor pine kinda family. Sorry. It works for us. The good news is, we could have Christmas in July at a moments notice! The Hallmark plastic tree topper w is something we got for 1/2 off the first year we were married- 30 years ago. All the favorite ornaments are on there.

My neice made the wreath for me. I painted the icon (called the Hodegetria) and where the quilt is hanging, there's supposed to be an Advent Starry Night. You'll see it on the table next to the icon. I finished the quilt (which was a big learning curve for me). I made it with a Lenten theme. When I hung it up with the Advent stuff just to look at it for a while, it seemed to fit, so here it is! Serendipitous Christmas/Lent combo.

Now I should go help to shovel snow. My Husband probably looks like Nanook of the North by now. we really got walloped overnight.

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Totallyscrappy said...

I love that the tree goes away decorated and yes, you could have Christmas at the drop of a hat!
Merry Christmas!