Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Linda Witte Henke

My friend Linda Witte Henke just gave me some feedback on the banner- excellent comments that reinforce some of my own. I knew the design needed tweaking, I was just relieved to get it done! The large one will be more complex. Since I'm newish at this fiber arts stuff, I'm getting up to speed. If only I knew how to do what I want to do!! but I'm learning. Check out Linda's website: How blessed I am to get feedback from one of the best! Also check! She's been a great encourager. Also, Betsy Carlson, my quilting instructor at Lakeshore Sewing is funny and patient and tolerant of a newbie. Such a wonderful group of fiber artists. Fiber artists may be, as a group, the nicest artists I know!


Nellie's Needles said...

Ms Henke's art is wonderous! Thank you for listing her website.

Veedubya said...

Yes, her work is wondrous! as is yours!