Monday, July 02, 2007


This is a new piece. There are more on my work station but this one is the first in this series

I haven't really done much that feels finished and decent in what seems like a very long time. I also have the frame and mat ready so I'm looking forward to having the satisfaction of seeing it all the way done!

The piece uses my 'vocabulary' of symbols in a continuation of the meditation of the mysteries of life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Virginia, this piece is quite sombre and complex as compared to all previous. The colors are dark and fairly muddy, as have been your mood and deeper reflections on mortality and other business in your life these days. This is not a negative comment at all, because your work mirrors the fact that you've had a lot on your mind. Thank Goodness, working on your Art, or creativity taking any form, seems to be the very best way to work through it. Even if you can't "work", taking a walk is creative - because as an Artist you naturally absorb the beauty and the basics - and that's where Art originates or is inspired anyway!...very cathartic losing yourself in other realms for a few moments at a time if you can grab them. (and DO grab them!!)

C. Robin Janning said...


This is a wonderful meditation. Your vocabulary is timeless and inspirational.


Veedubya said...

Thanks, Nikki and Robin- I always appreciate your input. Nikki, do you think the colors are muddy? Somber yes, but IRL there's no mud. This piece is 8 inches wide and 26 inches long so it's hard to get a good photo.