Sunday, August 13, 2006


This is the next layer, more textures, another color. Where will it go from here? Not sure. This is where intuition and oil pastels and more layers of colors come into play. It occurs to me that I should have done this backwards so it could be read in sequence, but now you can scroll down and start with the post titled PROCESS. Hope this is instructive for those who've asked.


Anonymous said...

Good that you posted this seeing how you've been working on these! The most helpful thing that stands out for me is how you put guesso over the first layer. It's a good technique to use for paintings, of layering thin color washes to help with depth. Thanks a lot for the tips!

Anonymous said...

The 1/2 gesso, 1/4 water, 1/4 matte is new to me. Why not just 100% gesso?

Veedubya said...

Good question, DA.

The gesso, water, matte finish combination is a trick I learned from Kathleen Conover. It seals well but the mixture is easy to move around and draw into so before it sets you can do textures and calligraphy. I think the pure gesso would cover but be too opaque and thick in some instances.