Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I just got 'Not Accepted' notices for the two paintings I entered into the Muskegon Regional. Here's one. The other is the Zinnia and Rooster below. This art business is very random. First you carefully prepare your work and choose your best. That piece gets framed with care and at a certain expense. You pay your money to enter a show, you get the not accepted postcard and no other comment, they keep the money and you have to drive to out there and pick them up. It will be a while before I get my checkbook to have this kind of fun again!


seesue said...

I find it hard to believe that this little bit of magic was passed over! Sure am glad you posted it here for us to enjoy.

Pedro said...

I do not know about art shows but thanks for bringing this wonderfull image.

Veedubya said...

What a lovely thing to say, Sue! Thanks. I'll use it like a band-aid on my bruised ego!

By the way, your blog is very cool. Your work is beautiful and inventive. You and your friend Julie seem to have a wonderful creative connection. How nice to share that energy!