Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've used up the rest of my icon panels, so these are the last for a while. I also did two icons of Jesus that I will post tomorrow. These are variations on the St Francis icon I did in the fall. Some tiny tweaks and I'll be able to varnish them and move on to some other kinds of art. I love painting icons, but the process is so labor intensive, slow and proscribed that I'll be happy to get into some things that are more spontaneous. I'm getting pretty dangerous with the ruling pens! I used the ruling pen for the halos and for the straight edges on the top piece. The edges on the bottom one were done by hand with a rigger brush.

update: after varnishing the St. Francis icons, it occurred to me that the robes looked a bit like the coat of a Shar-pei! So I redid the robes (top two photos- reflections off the varnish prevent a good photo) and now will have to re varnish. I think they are better.

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