Friday, April 24, 2009


For all my artist friends that may not have heard the news, Grand Rapids is site for the ArtPrize scheduled for the fall. See this link for news!

I just perused the ArtPrize site and blog. It sounds like a real boondoggle. Each artist has to pay $50 and may submit only one piece!! And then they have to negotiate with a venue to show their work. Why not make the fee smaller and give a bit of a smaller prize? First prize is $250,000! And the prizes will be voted on by the public. What if the winner is a picture of various dogs playing poker (painted on black velvet)? Each venue that hosts the art must pay $100. If the artist isn't satisfied with the venue they can take their work and leave the competition...that's it, not recourse. They are also in charge of their own installation. There's an information meeting on Monday. That should be a piece of performance art in itself.

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