Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is the first of a series. I can't take credit for the name. It's taken from music by Edward Elgar written in 1899- I just read that he did 14 variations (Wikipedia says 13). So far there are 14 pieces in my series! I don't even know the music, but I've always been captivated by the title. It seems so descriptive of life itself. We've all got our own variations on the enigmas of life. For some of us, faith seems to help us accept and even embrace the enigmas~ even when the puzzle pieces don't fit. Well, maybe ESPECIALLY when the puzzle pieces don't fit!



I really like your paintings.
The 'Enigma Variations' are lovely music, quintessentially English.
You could get a recording of the piece(s) quite easily I should think.
Another great work by Elgar is "The Dream of Gerontius", set to Cardinal Newman's famous poem and the story of a man's death and his soul's journey into the next world.

Veedubya said...

Thanks for the tip- I'll look for that music.

Joyce said...

Just checking various peoples' links in WC--love your Variations and your thoughts. Very inspiring.