Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is the last of this series for a while.
Time for them to be delivered to the gallery and find new homes.


andrea said...

I bet these little paintings are striking when hung as a group. I like Bozzetto 31 best.

Virginia Wieringa said...

Thanks, andrea. They are fun to have in a group. They are on 1.5 inch deep gallery canvas and the pictures go around the sides. They are interesting to rearrange like building blocks. Also neat to see what people choose as their favorites. I like 31 too but I have a fondness for 33, but I can't single any out! I like them all for different reasons!

Anonymous said...

Virginia: Forgive me, I have been following your postings in the "Abstract/Contemporary Art" forum at WetCanvas but had not checked your personal site in some time. I cannot believe I missed your Bezzetto series until today! I like them all, VERY MUCH! My favorite is Bezzetto 25!! Please let me know how things go at the gallery.

Your friend,

Virginia Wieringa said...

hey Don- great to hear from you! I've been responding on WC but I haven't been posting because these little ones are not terribly Abstract, but I've got a batch of abstractions in progress that I'll be posting here and there soon.

Things are going well at the gallery and there's a possibility of another gallery in Lowell in time for Christmas- I'd better get painting!!!

Nikki said...

What a pretty little painting Virginia! Powerful with the shadows across the feilds. How much are you selling these for?

Virginia Wieringa said...

These are selling in the gallery for $125. They are 6x6 and are 1.5 inches deep and the painting goes around the edge. I'll post the edges on the next batch! Thanks for your enthusiasm!