Friday, March 27, 2009


It's almost time to see these outside! For now we're happy to see purple, yellow and lavender crocus.


Nikki said...

Hi Virginia! Nice that you uploaded a large image..I like seeing all the details. One of the gentle leaves on the right seems to be beckoning us to have a closer look! I love the colors, particularly the way the outline changes color. Usually subjects need something happening in the background or it seems unfinished or like a cop-out (in my humble opinion), but your choice to outline rather than merge the tulips into a background puts attention on the character that only shapes can accomplish...I mean: tulips at this stage have so much character, and you chose the right way to portray it. Is this recent? Your drawing abilities are exceptional, they really are. Your abstract pieces speak about larger concepts and they do it well, no doubt about it!... but I'd love to see you do more drawing. It's a skill that makes you stand out from other artists. I dare you! :)

Virginia Wieringa said...

How nice of you to say, Nikki! This is 2005. I haven't got anything new to show until I can get into the studio. I do draw a lot, but I haven't uploaded any in a while. My sketchbooks are full of things that are waiting to be realized in paint. I love painting flowers, but they weren't finding homes. Today I've got some Photoshopping to do.
Thanks for checking in.