Monday, January 26, 2009

going from one thing to another

My friend Nikki Coulombe wrote an interesting piece on her blog which included this:

Career Artists do not generate production like a factory or have the same business formulas and game plans as retailers; for us everything from conception to sale is self-prompted. Motivation to work every day on something often means doing something different every day. I give myself the guilt-free permission to do what I feel best at on any given day. However…

This is especially meaningful to me because suddenly, I'm not called to the collages anymore, but I find that I'm interested in getting back to some icon painting. Yesterday I did research and some printing and tracing. Josph the Worker and the Holy Family are what have caught my eye and I hope at some point to paint the iconic icon, the Holy Trinity after the one by Rublev.

Nikki is an amazing artist with incredibly diverse skills.

Click on the link to the right to her site or go to:
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Anonymous said...

Virginia, thank you so much. It's meaningful to me that you read those words and they struck a chord with you. I often wonder 'Who the heck am I writing to anyway?' What we do is half calculated and half mystery, so after a day of work, lost in the artists' proverbial zone, I have another question that needs answering: What the heck just happened there? Writing helps complete the understanding of it all, don’t you think? I feel lucky that there are a few like you who offer regular feedback and encouragement. We really benefit from writing our blogs and exchanging ideas, news, laughs and good ol’ general support. Thanks for being you!

Virginia Wieringa said...

You are so welcome, Nikki! I am blessed to have you as a touchstone too! You are very thoughtful and a very good writer. "Half calculated and half mystery"- absolutely! I have to go see how the trees are doing!