Thursday, February 22, 2007


This piece has some repeated elements of the first two, but on this one crowds of people have turned up. The 'congregation' and 'saints who’ve gone before' and 'onlookers' are witnesses to the story of redemption through the death and resurrection of Christ.


Collette said...

My Husband & I admired your work on Sat! Awesome! Remember, he said, "These look like Sheep"

Shalom, Collette

Virginia Wieringa said...

Yes, I do remember, Collette. I loved that comment! I looked at this piece with new eyes and was thinking about writing something about it. I'm glad you commented. They are pretty lame sheep, no ears- but I guess they're not very detailed people either (no ears). Maybe they are both! That's what I love about abstraction, all sorts of things are possible at the same time!

That was so kind of you to stay and discuss my work. Thanks! That was fun to share that time.